A goal for 2017 was to learn HTML, so here I am

A goal for 2017 was to learn HTML, so here I am

So I challenged myself to learn some coding in the beginning of this new year, and my partner agreed to teach me.

Last year I played around with some HTML doing some blogging for a viral news page ala Buzzfeed and I quickly learned that my attention span for details like that was far beneath zero.

I understand the structure of the language, how HTML and CSS together builds the wonderful websites we see today. I underestimated the whole thing thinking that with willpower and a necessary amount of stimulants would do the trick and by Sunday night I would have my own self made website and could call myself a girl geek with pride.


The result of 3 days, 2 slightly tested arguments(ended in hot messy makeup sex of course) and more than enough necessary stimulants resulted in my very own self made website.

[ P I C T U R E    O F    F I R S T    W E B S I T E   C A N N O T   B E   F O U N D ]

Of course I forgot to screenshot this milestone but you can imagine it to be something magical like this:



I even managed to put a link in there to another page. Thats it, nothing more nothing less, cheer with me.

Ok, so now I’m here with a template like every other basic bitch out there, please welcome a sister!

Enough rants (never), I’m here on a pre installed template WordPress page, and I’m not ashamed to say so. I’m not so square but neither as sharp around the edges as I appear to be. I’m Nanny, Im always late but somehow people keep telling me I’m worth the wait. Let’s see about that.


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