Being a millennial 101

Being a millennial 101

These last months i’ve been researching a whole lot about millennials in an effort to get a broader perspective on what this phenomenon really is, and what actually makes us unique and valuable for the society our parents and grandparents built, and to attack this impossible task ive made myself a list.


We are snowflakes

Oh no, not this again. Stating that we are all beautiful, unique snowflakes is so basic it hurts, which is also why it’s important. Millennials don’t want to be basic – we want to stand out and we believe in individuality more than fitting into a template that to us seems outdated, especially when we are smart(see #10) enough to see that AI and AR will change how creation of value will change more than we can imagine in the (very) near future.


We love unicorns

I can go all startup`y here and talk about how we love unicorns for their ability to change the world with a valuation of 1 billion dollars ($$$) but no – we love them because it is a gorgeous mythical, and not to mention magical, creature that symbolizes that with an open and playful mind you can design your life and happiness however way you see fit for your needs and wants.


We are born critics

As we grew up in a school system that hasn’t changed since the beginning of modern education, whatever that is, we have more often than not been looked upon as a difficult generation to teach. Why is that? Well, first of all – we grew up with Google and quickly learned that you could find anything you want online and with that comes the natural skill of being critical to whatever information you find out there in the wild wild web. I mean, there cannot be that many sexy russian girls wanting to have sex with you somewhere close by. We are rockstars when it comes to instagram filters and sure as hell know when to filter out the bullshit. #dumptrump


We are restless

With every possible opportunity lying in front of us it is, sorry not sorry, god damn difficult to find your “one thing” and stick with that. We are a generation of explorers and constantly seek inspiration to make the most out of our lives and we won’t settle for anything that doesn’t get along with our values ( see #1-10)


We are lazy

Hold your horses – what? Yes, we are extremely lazy, and this might also merge with #7 on this list, but we see absolutely no value in doing things if we see a more effective way of getting a task done. We are a solution oriented generation that is driven by making painful tasks less painful and more fun. We grew up with cell phone games and I expect a lot of great gameified solutions coming from millennials in the near future as we tend to enjoy things that gives us instant feedback. This set in the context of education, for example, is a powerful tool.


We are creative

I have this theory when it comes to laziness and effectiveness, and a big part of this is creativity and procrastination. This probably isn’t unique for millennials, but the focus on creativity in our generation is astonishing because we keep finding new ways of expressing ourselves. We have grown up with tech and tools that fosters creativity and creation and great things have, and will continue, to come from millennials. 


We are entitled

Can’t have a list about millennials without this particular point. Sure, we are entitled, and guess who’s responsible for that? Your right, our parents. So before you go all judgy judgy basing your main ground in a gen X vs gen Y generation please keep this in mind. We are the product of previous generations choices. `Nuff said, we need to talk about the positive sides of this. Deal? Good.


We are respectful

As Millennials are a generation where most of their lives has been online our perception of the world tends to reach far longer than our neighborhood, town or country. We appreciate the varieties in our societies and choose experience over title any day. We respect ourselves, our peers and the ground we walk on as differences are the incentives that makes us all unique and we respect people trying to make a positive difference in this world.


We are born global

This is important and can be summed up in the whole “digital nomad”-hype that has been roaming every entrepreneur site for the last few years. We want to be able to pack up and leave whenever we want and appreciate experiences over material objects. As long as there’s wifi and decent coffee.


We are smart, and we are powerful

The millennial generation has exceeded 80 million people only in the US. And this interesting and completely blew my mind when i saw the bigger picture of this; we are so smart that the decades most powerful companies are adapting their business models to fit our needs. Apple, AirBnB, Uber, Snapchat, Amazon – We are their perfect consumers and they learn to adapt their services to us. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me and i think we should all start acknowledging the the fire and passion within ourselves and start to build this world. Seriously, I know we can make this world great again only if we start communicating and let our guard down, but that only works if everyone does so. 



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