The Morning Glory As Social Media Manager

The Morning Glory As Social Media Manager

Eyes opening, drooling, where am I. Ok, safe. Water, drink. Where´s my phone, what time is it. Okey didn’t oversleep, could’ve been worse. Okey no snoozing now, carpe diem, wake up. Check your phone and see if anything has happened. 137 notifications? FML. Was only offline for five hours. I hate the internet, fuck this day.

I read somewhere that you shouldn’t check your mail immediately when waking up because it’s stored in your brain as a “to do-list”, which means do fucking not check it before you’ve got a cup coffee. Or three. You wouldn’t answer an important call at a bar would you? No, you have to be alert, at least awake, for that shit.

Okey, checking Google Analytics(it’s like a drug and I’m addicted). Really? Darn, gotta change something. Be more creative.

Now Facebook. Ugh. Tags, likes and comments. People are stupid. Starting to resent Pokémon a bit. No, I love Pokémon, people are just annoying. Oh cool iPhone 7 is coming out this fall, maybe I can afford iPhone 6s+ now. Because I truly need that big ass screen doing all this on my shit iPhone 5C. No iPad doesn’t do the job.

Next up: Snapchat, Gmail, Slack, Wunderlist, GoogleCal, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. No, definitely need a shower and coffee before that shit. Babies, reminders, notifications, connections, showoffs and dry humor definitely has to be processed after caffeine.

*Making coffee on the way into the shower, drinking while water turns warm*

I’m alive. Ish. Okey what to wear. Chill out clothes for home office? Abso-fucking-lutley, no reason dressing up yet. Makeup? Nah. Maybe, do I have a Skype meeting? No? Then whatevs. Second cup of coffee in the making(Nespresso style). Hair up in a towel-turban, legs moisturised. Nicotine. ASAP. Alright let me just turn my computer on so I can get a better overlook on today’s doings.

This basically sums up my morning routines the last six months. Time for some reflection.

The Power of Disconnecting

As my phone has become my main work tool I’m starting to see the need for some well drawn boundaries. All apps social is good for more than just stay connected with people, it’s a great way of seeing what is trending, what people care about and basically seeing what is going in this world, but there is a line.

Yesterday I did something I sometimes do when I need some serious downtime; I shut everything off. Phone, iPad, notifications on my computer. Silenced that shit hard, disconnecting from the constant influence by the world surrounding and far beyond.

It was glorious and felt like rebirth.

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