My September morning routine: Sleep data, Astrology and Urban Dictionary

My September morning routine: Sleep data, Astrology and Urban Dictionary

Nanny Marie ThorvaldsenSep 30 · 4 min read

These days I wake up two times. Once when the alarm rings, then I pass out again and then the second time when my boyfriend wakes me up with coffee. I’m not living a nine to five life these days, so what am I doing with my life? Here’s what my morning routine looks like at least.

I wake up using sleep cycle app. Today’s data: 79% sleep quality, 12 minutes of snoring (not me) and the sleeping notes recorded the weather so I could already tell it’s been raining all night. Autumn is here and I can feel the crisp air as soon as I pull myself out of my second coma. Delightful.

Then I check my horoscope. Yeah, I’m one of those. Always have been, so you may consider this my coming out party as a millennial astrology nerd. I also have a few crystals, no shame. I’m using the Nebula app, and I’m not really sure why I’m so into it these days, but I consider it a way of balancing my life and hacking my priorities. Priorities are hard, making them I mean, so having something that helps me understand where I should put my energy really helps. Because my energy has been all over the place lately, chaos almost.

Today is a good day for making travel plans it says, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m also going to put a few extra hours into building my portfolio. You know, an extended more sexy version of LinkedIn that showcases some of the projects and campaigns I’ve done over the last few years. Biggest challenge there: not nitpicking over details and get stuck. Just get it done and worry about the details later.

When I wake up I also try not to check my social media. Have been for a while, and it’s great not starting your day off with someone’s else’s life shoved into my face 2 minutes after being woken from a comatose dream state.

Instead I’ve downloaded the Urban dictionary app. I love it, and it gives me a word of the day every day. Today’s word is “No-J”.

I love pop culture, it’s weird and constantly changing because people get weirder and are changing faster than ever. I’m also more on 9GAG than Facebook these days, makes me feel good about my generation, and it’s also surprisingly educational. Whatever important news I might be missing shows up there in the shape of a meme or video compilation or whatnot. Social digital democracy at its best if you ask me.

Then I drink my coffee and listen for birds. I miss nature, miss having the opportunity to drink coffee in nature. Need to do something about that and incorporate in travel plans. Perhaps look for futures homes that aren’t in the middle of the city with buses driving by every 5 minutes.

Then I write. Today, this is what I’m writing. Yesterday I was working on this slightly challenging chapter for my book, (yeah I’m writing a book) and trying to figure out how I can incorporate some interactive concepts into it. More info to come, but I’m only writing this book for a few selected people so won’t be publishing much of the content here. Not yet, at least.

Instead I’ll be publishing some posts I’ve been working on for everything from 5 days to 5 years. I’ve have a big flaw, and that is that I love to start new things but I struggle finishing them. I’m learning and adapting, and working on finishing more stuff. I once even started a blog called “unfinished business” just because I wanted a good laugh of the whole thing. It was a self fulfilling prophecy and you guessed it; it was left unfinished.

Then I drink some more coffee. I’ve stopped reading the news, almost completely. Once a week I give it a try and I immediately regret it when I see more ads for weight loss and tooth whitening technology than actual news. And the headlines, oh god the headlines. Shameful, distasteful and completely without any form of bullshit filter. I understand the media industry is struggling but come on people, you can do better. You meaning the you as in you as a consumer, that is. The journalists are only catering to your needs and doing their jobs. Not their fault we value entertainment more than factful information.

But I digress, sorry about that. My mind tends to go off the rails when going down the path of public perception and media. It’s interesting, mind blowing even, but too much to handle after only one cup of coffee.

So I’ll get another one, read through this again and publish it as a Monday morning post on Medium. Medium is awesome, it’s honest. It lets people tell stories without the pressure of calling it news, a blog or whatnot. It’s just stories. And this is one of mine.

Enjoy your day,


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