Want to work with me?

Hi, I’m Nanny, and I have over half a decade of experience working with the early stage tech ecosystem, including international startups and investors. I’ve led projects, launched companies in new markets, built concepts, and brought in new business for a bunch of great companies. Feel free to check them out in my portfolio.

Who am I?
I’m a visionary. I’m all about creating my own creative empire. I crave undefended and unstructured spaces where I can be creative, and I value aesthetics and environments that offer variety and change. I can be very assertive when it comes to expressing my point of view. I’m a risk-taker and I feel pure excitement when I develop new ideas.  

As an artistic person, I am in tune with my senses, and I have a refined taste that I apply to my creative endeavors. I’m an “Enterprising” person, meaning I have a natural disposition of balancing the 4 most important categories in a leader’s toolkit: Learning, strategizing, performing, and forecasting. 

I’m energetic and a natural risk-taker that fits well into leadership roles.  

Let’s dive a little bit deeper…

How my mind works: Problem solving

You might find this next paragraph strange, or you might enjoy it. Either way you should know that I’m on a constant journey to understand and better how I provide value into this world.

If you’d rather read some of the things I’ve written in blogpost-form, this is the page for you.

I’m a problem solver. If I’m presented with a problem, my mind immediately goes into thinking about all the ways to solve that problem. This means that if we’re having a conversation, and you present me with a problem that needs solving, be it right now or sometime in the future, my focus will automatically venture down the road of how to fix it. This can sometimes be a challenge for me when people don’t know that’s how my brain works. It might seem like I’m uninterested, or zoned out, but actually, you have presented me with a challenge and my brain is already gearing up to find ways to solve it. That being said, I am a great listener when I have to be. Sometimes this energy comes easily, other times I literally can’t find it, no matter how hard I try. But one important thing to mention is that no matter what you say, I feel your energy.

In short: I’m at my best went presented with a problem to solve, with people around me that respect each other’s differences and praise each other’s experiences.

Some basic millennial facts about me:

Zodiac sign: Libra
Personality type: ENFP (16 personalities / Myers Briggs )
Also known as a Campaigner
Favourite day: Friday
Polarity: 50/50 Feminine/Masculine
Moon sign: Leo (meaning: I sometimes struggle to control my feelings, but if anyone is having a bad day – I feel ya, let’s get through it together)

Feel free to check out my LinkedIn page for more info. Currently, I’m occupied growing Spotify’s Norwegian presence through creative content, social media marketing, and excellent project management skills together with Animal Creative Agency, Stockholm.