Dreams Nordic

Dreams Nordic

Dreams is the savings app that helps you make your dreams come true. Dreams Nordics mission is to turn dreamers into achievers, and with now over 150.000 users and the humble winner of the “Peoples Choice Award” at Nordic Startup Awards National Finale in Sweden, Dreams is scaling up.

The app is entirely built on principles from award winning research in behavioral science, and is designed to make saving money fun, easy and social. Banking modified for millennials, so to say. Download here: Getdreams.com

Why are Dreams so important? 

From my personal point of view I grew up thinking everything is possible with the right mindset. Growing up I realize that the right mindset is not always enough to get what you want out of life, you need some tools to help you get there. Dreams is entirely built on science, more specific behavioral science. Humans are designed to survive, and our brains are not wired to save money. We know this, and we are doing something to make it easier to make the small adjustments in our daily lives to achieve our goals.

Having dreams are important to us because they provide fuel to make the most out of our lives. They give us a sense of direction, they provide us with sub goals that are there to be celebrated when we achieve them. When we check off our bucket list and fulfill our Dreams we give life meaning.

And we all have dreams, but unfortunately most dreams cost money. And with this savings app Dreams Nordic has managed to create a market where we talk less about consumerism, and more about the value of money in a bigger perspective.

Check this video out (in Norwegian) to see how the Dreams app works:

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