How To Create Powerful Brand Stories

How To Create Powerful Brand Stories

Branding with Meaning: How To Create Powerful Brand Stories?

On September 7th, the international think tank, the Medinge Group and Kristiania University College will host a morning session that inspires and provokes new ways of thinking about branding. We’ll share new ideas about the role brands can play in enhancing people’s lives, discuss the role of storytelling and work on building a brand for a charity that confronts the challenge of hate speech.

About the case:
La Benevolencija is a Dutch NGO that empowers groups and individuals who are the target of hate speech and ensuing acts. More information will be given with a case presentation at the event.

About Medinge Group:
Medinge Group is a think tank of brand experts and visionaries from around the world whose purpose is to influence business to become more humane and conscious in order to help humanity progress and prosper.

Speakers and topics:
– Nicholas Ind, Associate Professor, Kristiania University College: Purpose, Truth and Authenticity

– Peter Brown, Partner, FischerBrown: Can Brands be Political and Authentic

– Sandra Horlings, Partner Innoboost and Maurice Dekkers, Founder of Tony Chocolonely: The bigger the problem, the better the story

– George Weiss, Founder La Benevolencija: workshop session – building a stronger brand for a charity through storytelling

Want to join in? Get your ticket here.

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